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The spacing between the hash lines on the MTR-FT reticle are designed to bracket a 40mm killzone at exactly 50yrds on x40 magnification; 2 lines = 40mm ( a disc) so 1 line = 20mm (1/2 disc).
It will work exactly on , x10, x20 and x80 you just have to change the ratio to suit I.e. 4 lines at x80 = 40mm.

I have found that disc and half disc are easy reference measurements for wind drift and the hashes can be quickly used on windy days, it is not too cluttered and simple to use. The reticle is thick enough that you don't loose it even in dark forests yet it is not too thick which allows accurate shot placement.

There are a few lines below the cross on the vertical to give you reference marks for 8, 9 and 10yrd targets without the need to dial when using a high scope mount.

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