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Default Choices.....

I have just sold a house that has been like a millstone for me and I have sold a gun and a couple of sights so treat time

So my question is almost the same as this thread, which March?

Now I know it is difficult to get a concensus on anything and I know I am asking the same question again but to all the March users or those with experience of March, 10-60 or 8-80?

So I have read as much as I can and I have spoken to Gary C at March (top guy changed a compact scope because I didnt like the ret - no questions asked) one minute you think yes its that one, then the next night read another article and no its the other

So some questions:

- Do 8-80 users actually use the 60-80 mag range?
- What are the mechanical diffrerences between the two (must be more "stuff" in that 34mm tube)?
- Would you have illumination, have to say I have a few scopes with it but cannot remember needing it?
- The FT ret is for me looks lovely and clean, but could Conor explain the logic around the spacings?
- Have read that a guy got an 8-80 and really struggled with the tiny spacings on the wheel, it seems it may have been set up for long range - is that correct
- The parallax error issues previously discussed, it seems the 10-60 suffers less is that so (although it must be hard to get parralax problems at such high mag with such a small exit pupil?)

So if the whole March range were laid in front of you and you were offered one free which would people choose?
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