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Lol Moore I wasn't trying to take the mickey or even discourage you from experimenting, sorry if I offended you. Of course you can do what you like and you may well find some interesting stuff. The real danger is that you might think that what applies to your barrel and batch of pellets will be some universal rule.

I used to kid myself that I understood certain things about what made an accurate gun or pellet but I've come around to just a combination of observation and compensation. Attempts at calculation, blind reasoning and extrapolating one iota from experiments just fell flat on their face. Now when I find something that works I just do that as much as possible. My tinkering has gone evolution style, minor random changes which are tested at 50 yards - any which improve accuracy live to fight another day.

For example in my gun some batches of JSB Exact will shoot accurately for 2000 rounds before barrel cleaning others (apparently identical) require the barrel to be cleaned every 200 shots. The most accurate batch of exacts I ever had had just about the worst weight variation of any batch (8.1 to 8.9) and looked dreadful. They would group at about 3-4 mm at 50 yards (indoors); I tried everything I could to find more of this wonder batch but drew a blank.

Some batches (like those I tested yesterday) only group at 30-40 mm at 50 yards despite having no measurable difference from those which group at about 10 mm. Whether there is a difference in softness of the lead I don't know, it's nothing you can weigh or measure; though long ones don't seem to be so good in my gun. This length thing was something I suspected might be a rule until Conor told me that he won the world championships in Italy with Exacts so long they could be classed as torpedoes.

Don't get the idea my lack of pellet prep is some sort of affectation of casualness. I've ****** about no end and driven myself nuts with weighing and lubing and never approached the groups produced by my best batches. The mere act of sorting and lubing my 'wonder batch' made them group worse! (Minor damage?)

I am by no means causal. I have spent hours shooting indoors at 50 yards to test variations in the fixing of my action to the chassis and other such anal dross. I'm not attempting to kid anyone that I just turn up and shoot. My kit is tested as fully as I can manage.

It's not really expensive though; my entire kit (rifle, scope, rail, mounts) cost me a total of 830. All secondhand.

Let us know how you go!
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