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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
You can't measure the difficulty of a course, and grade doesn't do that, all it does is measure your standing against the winner of the day. One could argue that if GP shooters attended say a Swefta shoot then the grades would drop back down anyway. I'd say SDOR was probably clearable on that last round. I would expect that or 39's, definitely 38's to come off with a national field shooting that. Top was 35? Tricky wind albeit, but high 30's was my expectation. The ones i missed were all sitters. I don't know what Si, Mark and Tony missed, but I'd put money on what say Jack, Justin or any other top AA shot that springs to mind wouldn't.
Brad Troyer from the USA did have a formula for working out the difficulty of a target on any course.
The difficulty factor was calculated by
Distance (yards) x Difficulty Factor
Hit zone (inches)

Difficulty factors being
Standing 1.75
Kneeling 1.5
Windy 1.25
Extreme Up or Down 1.25
Extreme Light or Dark 1.25
Shots past 45 yards 1.125
combinations for example kneeler uphill would be the sum of both (2.25 in this case)

These then gave you Individual Target Difficulty
Easy - 0 to 20
Moderate - 20 to 30
Hard - 30 to 40
Expert - above 40

Then overall course difficulty was the average of all the target difficulties.
Easy - 0 to 25
Moderate - 25 to 30
Hard - 30 to 36
Expert - above 36

So for some examples in a freestyle position
55yd 40mm is 39.29
35yd 25mm is 35.56
25yd 15mm is 42.33

With this then in mind an expert kneeler is 43yds whilst a stander is 36yds.
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