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A group of us went over to Morsko in 2006 and it was just a brilliant experience from start to finish.
It isn't as expensive as you think it is if you car share/room share etc, and it's an experience you won't forget in a hurry.

I'd thoroughly recommend it if you get the chance.

It would also help to promote not only HFT but more importantly the UKA rule set to the rest of the world. There's a very real danger that if you leave it too long, individual countries will start making up their own rules and you might end up in a situation similar to FT where managing the different sets of rules is a real nightmare.

When I went to Poland, they had a low power HFT class (HFT2 I think it was called) for 6fpe rifles, it was shot on the same course, but they had two targets in each lane which you had to shoot in normal HFT class, but in HFT2 class you could choose which of the two targets you wanted to shoot, and then shoot it twice.

The Spanish are also into their HFT, but they have an additional 400 class - that can only be shot with rigs with a total cost (gun, scope, mounts etc) below 400. These all seem like fun little deviations from the main rules, but the more isolated the UK is from the rest of the world, the more instances of of rule deviations you'll get until eventually you get to a point where you all have different rules that are hard to reconcile.

I reckon the idea of having the Europeans held in different countries is something you should all push for and support, even if the numbers aren't quite as high as they would be if it were held in the UK - it's an investment in the future.
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