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I used to think that every time I missed a target, which currently is most of the time, it was because I was pointing the shooty part in the wrong direction. Will sizing, lubing and weighing my pellets more accurately help me to compensate for my current lack of ability? Erm, probably not. It might help me get an extra point on a marginal splitter, but if it's that marginal it's luck more than anything else.

If you do the mathematics, a typical weight variation has little effect on where it ends up, but axial balance, i.e. how well the pellet is balanced around the axis of spin is in my opinion quite significant. I believe the purpose of selecting a batch is, amongst other lesser attributes, a determination through sample testing of the batch that consistently comes out of the barrel spinning most in balance around the pellets central axis and is therefore 'wobble' free. If it spins without a wobble it'll fly straighter and faster as demonstrated when someone who knows what they're doing throws a rugby ball. Any wobble will present an unstable profile to the apparent wind which can deflect it 'randomly' as weight alone (unless it's really heavy or light) could not explain a flyer and even if it was the cause it could only be in the vertical plane. I'm fairly convinced that this is the only thing that really needs to be evaluated and all other variables are of little or no consequence. There is a significant evidence that batches are variable but I've not previously seen this particular explanation of why, so this could be a load of bunkum.

But,,,, I do weigh pellets discarding the few that come in below 8.30 and above 8.49 grains because I have some belief that pellets outside of my acceptable range may have a defect (other than too much/too little alloy) that causes inbalance and therefore instability in flight, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual weight. This is almost certainly a wrong assumption, but it means I can sit in my study with the door closed and a bottle of single malt and not be disturbed for an hour or two so I don't care, and after sorting a couple of tins I REALLY DON'T CARE, but I do really, really love everyone so that's OK.

Truth be told I would be far better off spending the hour or two I spend sorting pellets each month practicing at the club, but there are non shooting related benefits for me personally. hic.

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