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Hi Brian,
There will be rifles that have been made with short unshrouded barrels and these are without doubt classified as Section 5 prohibited weapons and have been since 1997.
I don't believe there are many but there are some. There will also be rifles with "home" shortened barrels.

By far the largest group will be rifles like the TXHC that have a short barrel but are fitted with a shroud. We are told that there is an agreement that says this is O.K. Why this agreement is not readily available or contained in H.O. guidance is beyond me.

We appear to be happy to disbelieve what's written in the legislation yet fully believe something no-one has ever seen.

Manufacturers I feel now have to make this situation crystal clear, with proof, so their customers are protected.
As far as competition is concerned I think the Status Quo remains until we get the clarification we need.

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