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Just another thought came to mind. So many of the top AAs I have met (and enjoyed their company on courses) have been shooting for a very long time. So the key thing here is experience which can only be gained from shooting FT over many different courses, different terrain, weather, etc, etc. That or it is witchcraft!!

In other words the future top shots for any nation need to be encouraged in and to stay in FT rather than go off to HFT, 10m or F-Class :-)

Yes, AAs need lots of challenging targets. New and motivated shooters need challenging courses where they can learn the trade.

Wild idea. Maybe a few clubs could set up some electronic targets out at 50m with a scoring display, etc. You could have more than one shooter at a time, well taking turns. AAs could aim for a high average while lesser folk can work on windage. That way you can have a variety of "kills" but instant feedback - much better than "I think it went left" or "unlucky with the edge" or "went high, must be humidity". Not easy as there is expense and power but if you want to push and encourage, the present approaches may simply discourage new/returning shooters from the long term commitment needed.

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