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Stuart, I think you may have developed a touch of OCD re the amount of miles you do. You may mention it occasionally.

For an event to be a 'Worlds' for me it needs to have a high percentage of the best competitors from every country in the world that takes part in that sport. It's not really good enough for it to be called 'Worlds' and the greatest majority of competitors are from one country with a few from elsewhere. The USA baseball 'World Series' always made me giggle.

In professional or Olympic sport this will be possible because sponsors will pay for the best competitors to use the best kit and travel to events ... World Cup of football, rugby, cricket and Olympics etc.

In amateur sport this will be far more difficult.

It seems to be the word 'Worlds' that causes the problem in HFT as other countries will ask why it is always in one country if it is a 'Worlds'.

HFT is as much of a social event as a serious competitive one. Like Tomek K has said the greatest majority of shooters, at WHFTA or UKAHFT don't score that highly. It's a mix of abilities where all levels can compete on the same course at the same event. For most it's about turning up and meeting old friends and new and having a chat and a brew and do a bit of shooting. For others it's more serious re the shooting. I always find it sad when someone, who doesn't shoot the Worlds or Nationals comments about HFT, and they get shot down by those that do ... with comments like ' You should try and shoot the Nationals before you comment '. It's as if they think the only HFT being shot in the country is at Kelmarsh or at the 10 National shoots ... or that the only decent HFT shooters are those shooting the Nationals. I can assure you that there are many people shooting HFT week in week out that don't choose to travel to these events that are very decent HFT shooters. I'm not saying they are as good as the very top National shooters but they will certainly be as good as, if not better, than a great percentage of the others, and as such, they have to right to comment, in my opinion.

So with 360 turning up at Kelmarsh I'm not sure how many of those would travel to Europe, especially if it's more of a social event for them. Would the European venues get the same social following from their own nation's shooters?

For me, when we get lots of countries, all with enough HFT taking place in their country, so that a number of shooters from each country will travel to the 'Worlds' wherever it takes place, then it's time to start moving it around as a true 'World' event.

It's already been mentioned several times that a good test would be for the European countries to run the Euros and see what attendance they get, both in total numbers and more importantly, in numbers from different countries.

Until then it should probably stay where it is at Kelmarsh. It could have originally been called ' UK 2 day open championship ' and shooters from all over the world welcome to come and shoot it. Each country could have had it's own 2 day open championship and again shooters from everywhere could travel to shoot it. When it reached a point where lots of countries were holding their own 2 day championship, that were being attended by several other countries, and attendance numbers were reasonable, then it could be called the 'Worlds' and the venue/country rotated.

However, I suppose if you wanted a 'Worlds' competition then it had to start somewhere and I think for now, it's best where it is.

I seem to vaguely remember that when the 'Worlds' was first announced several years ago that it was stated that in the future the competition may go abroad every other year, and when it does there would still be a 2 day comp at Kelmarsh as well to accomodate the UK shooters. I may have dreamt that?

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