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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Perhaps consider the future shooters you need to encourage and excite with FT?? Making a course really hard may very likely discourage new shooters (or even folk returning after a long break for whatever reason).

I still think adding a 3rd target for a portion of the lanes just for AAs (25mm at 55, 15yd standers at 35, 45 and so on) would push most and of course anyone could elect to have a go at them. AAs need to encourage new shooters especially juniors - there are way too few. It might impact their grades but I'm sure hey will bounce back :-)
That sums it up, I think (although, what with me belonging to the "folk returning from a long break" category, I don't have a problem with missing many shots, I can see how a novice would be more discouraged than the returning shooters).

A course should, imho, be varied and interesting, not just universally 'hard'. As Simon says "each course should be clearable" as in 'there shouldn't be any shots that can only be scored by a top shot, without a heartbeat, on a windless day - if he's lucky'. I also think that having a mix of hard targets and shots that are considered gimme's by the top shooters. And yes, also top shooters can miss easy shots, sometimes merely through a lack of concentration.

A 'clearable' course would probably lead to more shootouts - which I think is a good thing. Performing well in a shootout is a different, and relevant, skill than performing well when you're walking the course, plus it's more interesting for the spectators.

One thing that I'm curious about:
15 years back, if you were a novice shooter wanting to compete, you'd be doing FT, and as the equipment race was well on its way back then, you'd be sitting there with your spring rifle or S200 with a modest scope competing against Pro Targets with Loopy Comps and the like.
Today, if you want to compete as a novice shooter, you would most likely do HFT, and (if it would tickle your fancy) you could crossgrade to FT (and even back and forth to keep things interesting).

Would you think that the current 'entry level' FT shooters are better informed, and better trained, than they were 15 years ago, and that most of the new blood is doing HFT?
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