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there is a move i think rich towards harder and harder courses . this is driven by a few shooters who wish to do well at the worlds and good luck to em . BUT this means that less of the shall we say also rans can do well on these courses . which in the long run means less bums on seats . an e-mail came round lately asking for harder winter league course to simulate GPs so that the regional team would do better next year . every body wants there team to do well at the regionals , but do the also rans want to get slaughtered in there winter league ? . new people need to be encouraged and brought on . to do this they have courses that give them a chance of a half decent score . i always when area comp sec pushed for one hard one easy a lane . 20 targets for the new boys and twenty targets for the big boys . barry longbottom always said that a GP course should be an average of 45 yards . what will be interesting is the regionals next year ooop north i believe . who will turn up ??? HOLLY
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