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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
I think too many targets get placed in the mind set of luck.
A good coarse to me is one that can be cleared but will also test skill not luck.
I quite agree with you, I have been doing FT on and off for 20 years. Setting out courses are a minefield to set one that suits an AA shooter but also satisfies the beginner. A course that has the majority of targets over 40-45 yards makes for something that becomes boring and repeatable. A course that makes you think about even a short target is challenging.

Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
After all the novice shooter's are funding the clubs and the sport.
That is the crux of it. Put a course out that is super difficult puts off the starters. One that is to easy puts off the experienced. I am thinking that Rich distances and positional are about right for calm conditions. But then if the wind comes out to play then even a 35yd sitter becomes hard.

When our club set up a Winter league course in the early 90's, I witnessed Dave Welham missing a sub 15yd full size kill (45mm) from the sitting position .

Found my diary of the results of that day top score was 12/30. The captains meeting the targets were considered to close. Talking to some that shot that day ( and the following 2 years) they were glad just to hit faceplate when aiming 12-18" off target .
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