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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
I'm still contemplating how they got the lines from the towers and over the pond and how many people fell in setting it all up.
Couple of iPhone pics. Quality not very good with the filesize limits but you can just about see Tim's hands above the brambles :-)

The problems were the 2 tall trees in front of the tower, the 2 or 3 trees in the middle and then the brambles (man height!) all of which had to be circumvented to get the strings up above or around. That got it to the bank where the rushes were - they of course are in the pond not dry land. I threw a new string, tied to a stone, across the pond so we could pull the strings across (took a good chuck as the string is quite reluctant to stay untangled mid-flight). Double strings for each target so 6 in all. Once across we had to keep the strings up high so that the deer (lot of deer there) can't get tangled in them overnight. The other 3 targets along the pond edge were slightly easier as we could tie a couple of strings to the stonesthrow :-)

I did offer the helpful advice that if someone fell in they should keep hold of the strings and swim them across.

We have tried walking the strings around the edges but that doesn't work, but you do get a boot full of water/mud for trying. You can imagine Tim and Clinton had quite a few scratches and holes from the thorns. Pulling the targets in after was a bit easier - cut the strings at the targets and wind in :-)

We are very glad you enjoyed the course.

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