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I too think you may have been a tad harsh on this fellow.

I know that you are just recently returned from the FT Worlds in Germany where you all did exceptionally well so comaraderie will still be running high. Well done over there.

He seems a decent enough chap. This site does say ...

"Welcome to

A site for airgunners that like to talk about it, as much as they like to do it..."

This guy only mentioned something that caught his eye and was of interest to him. Maybe a tad geeky but if it's what he wants to do to take his mind off the wife nagging or the worry of that imminent doc's appointment, then let him get on with it. He didn't mention that all FT shooters should do this. In fact he mentioned several times that it may only be of interest to bench rest shooters.

You seemed all too quick to go into the ... We are the worlds best FT shooters ... we buy our pellets from the shop and then bang the tins on the counters a few times. We then take the tins to the woods and throw the pellets in the dirt. We then pick them up, put them in our mouths, bite them, chew them, swallow them, digest them, defecate them back into the dirt, where we urinate on them and then put them straight in our barrels ... and we are still the best FT shooters in the world.

We eventually got around to mentioning that prior to this you spent time finding the right pellet for your barrels. Then more time finding the best batch for that barrel ... and then only use that batch number as you are then confident that they will give good enough grouping in your guns without you having to prep the pellets.

I've just spent quite some time getting an old BSA pcp shooting quite well. I could have saved that time and just bought a new target rifle and spent the time I spent messing with the old BSA practising. No doubt the end result would have meant I hit more targets ... but I wanted to, and enjoyed fiddling with the old BSA.

We are all geeks. Most of us spend thousands of pounds on high tech rifles and scopes so we can shoot little bits of lead at metal targets out to 50 odd yards in the woods on a Sunday morning. Olympic target jackets ... temperature gauges ... wind indicators ... hundreds of pounds on a butt pad alone ... the World Champ had his rifle dipped in Winter Realtree ( in case it snowed in Germany in August and the targets ran off if they saw him hiding in the snow ?? ) ... and you have a go at this poor chap because he wants to play splaying his pellet tails to see what happens ... tut tut gents.

... and well done again for the excellent result in Germany.

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