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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
jeez , leave the poor lad alone, he is only looking for answers, something we have all done before ( some of us more than 25 years ago ).
Ok, i know your all bieng helpful, so he doesnt waste years of his life, but thats his choice? right?.

anyhow, try and find a copy of Gerald Cardews book 'Airguns from Muzzle To Trigger' and go to page '44' (Barrels and pellets) you will see that nothings new, and its all been done before, but it will be very informative for you .

PS As a side note, you will/should find, that sizing UP will strip a ring of lead off the back of the pellet skirt, (As its far easier for the forces involved on the back of the pellet to do so, rather than to reform the skirt to the rifleing ) energy will always find the point of least resitance.

"you cannot change the laws of physics Captain" - Montgomery Scott.
Thanks for the advice Fireblade

have to say i wish i had stayed "trolling" in the background, going to be very careful what I post in future

...the statements, opinions and comments in the post above are from someone who has never won anything and probably never will, just an enthusiastic air gunner, for those here who only place value in the opinions of winners - move along to the next post ... LL MRE
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