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Originally Posted by skires View Post
( Here's the but ) but ... I'm sure it was Darth James that told me about the Bic tube. So I started using the Bic to measure and was amazed that it picked out odd sized pellets. I'm probably kidding myself but by eliminating the 'small' ones that visually look fine but drop right to the bottom of the Bic and 'clink' on the bottom, I've definitely seen less flyers in groups.
I think the difference is that the top shooters have their favourite batches.

I'm not sure where or when, but on occasion I read that in the past, someone had weighed and sized pellets and found that some of the batches measured and performed like they consist of pellets they wiped up from the factory floor, and some batches group like crazy.

Now... one can buy a decent lab scale to weigh pellets (which is fairly expensive; I have one), and one can size pellets using the BIC method (I still have a BIC). Back in 2001 or something, I found huge differences in H&N FTT's and some others, I think Crosmans.
Sorting the H&Ns cured the problem for a part, but I still coundn't get the sorted ones to group decently... this was largely dure to the fact that back then, being an even more complete novice than I am now, I still thought that a good pellet would be a good pellet from any barrel.

Recently (because I am just as curious for useless information as the OP, and it was dark and rainy outside so I couldn't do any standing practicing anyway), out of boredom/insatiable curiosity/just wanting to know firsthand, I decided to weigh randomly picked, large samples from two tins of JSB's (Exact and Express).

The results were so consistent that I decided to give up. I couldn't be bothered to dig out the BIC. I now trust my pellets and cannot be bothered. So I wasted a couple hours, but had fun doing it, and learnt a couple things in the process.

It may well be that the stories of sizing and weighing your pellets date back to more than a decade ago, and that today, manufacturers (or at least JSB) have their processes under control to the extent that, in a good batch, sizing and weighing is an excercise in futility, and only aids the shooter in being confident.

I can't answer about lubing - some say that lubing pellets would make your barrel lead up less. I'm on the fence about that one... I'll just pull a rag through it more frequently.
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