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I too am not worthy when you read the list of guys mentioned.

I'm a lowly springer HFT shooter of questionable ability.

One minute I hear people saying that I need to weigh pellets etc and the next I read the likes of the names mentioned using pellets straight from the tin.

I get the point that the best advantage will be gained by spending time practising or shooting comps and not fiddling at home with pellets ...

( Here's the but ) but ... I'm sure it was Darth James that told me about the Bic tube. So I started using the Bic to measure and was amazed that it picked out odd sized pellets. I'm probably kidding myself but by eliminating the 'small' ones that visually look fine but drop right to the bottom of the Bic and 'clink' on the bottom, I've definitely seen less flyers in groups.

I did a batch recently and I got about 9 out of 59 ( I was trying to end up with 50 good'uns ) that were rejects. Shooting 5 shot groups with those 50 gave some decent groups ( for me ) which would all have been well within the kill zones with no flyers. Using them straight from the tin ( well box as these were Prems 7.9gr ) I got regular flyers that would have meant a miss. This was in a PCP and not my usual springer. I've tried the rejects and the groups are poor. Interestingly ( or not ) over the chrono straight out of the box unsorted gave about 12fps variation whilst the sorted ones reduced that to 9fps ... but that's no great deal and 3fps is not going to make it miss the group by 15mm or more. So it must be that the small ones don't pick up on the rifling and don't fly as well. I dunno.

So I'm quite interested/amazed that the very top FT guys just dig them out of the tins. Maybe they are using pellets that they have confidence in the consistency ( or know that straight out of the tin they will get groups that will all land within the kill zones so don't worry about it and concentrate on technique ).

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