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Default Pellet sizing - but up, not down !!!

Came across this and found it quite interesting amongst the plethora of info regarding pellet washing/weighing/sizing that is out there.

I have played in particular with sizing and definately gained some extra consistancy in groups - note the word consistancy not necessarily accuracy. These are my recent musings on the matter, maybe totally wrong but worth discussing and investigating

Now traditional sizing involves pushing the pellet through a very accurate hole so forming both the head and skirt into a smooth, round precisely sized diameter - the same diameter.

Having thought about this a lot I think the relationship between sized diameter and the barrel is one of the key factors (amongst others) I think the point at which the air is applied to the skirt of the pellet so expanding it onto the barrel walls and into the rifling has to be consistant.

Now the application of the puff of air is rendered consistant by the regulator and the hammer/valve, but the expansion of the skirt and initial movement of the pellet could be inconsistant if the skirts are not consistant.

Imagine a slightly damged or oval skirt, yes some sizing will take place at the pellet is inserted but if there is even the tiniest gap at the skirt edge (inconsistant gap, not around the rifling) some of the applied air gets past the pellet before the skirt expands.

Now traditional sizing will rendered this air gap consistant and could be one of the reasons it works, but the above video shows an interesting concept of increasing the skirt size so its bigger than the head, never seen that before.

So what I need to do is size some pellets so head/tail the same diameter then flare the skirt so its bigger, maybe even big enough to mean it engages with the rifling when initially inserted.

Has anyone tried pushing tight fitting pellets some way down the barrel before firing (not just in but well in)?

Another thought I had whilst watching the pellets being pushed into my Airstream by the probe is does that design poo poo what I have just said, now the Airstream is a cut away breech so the pellet sits in a half diameter of the barrel so it could be damaged/deformed slightly when inserting, I think I need to use my Steyr for any of this flaring experimentation as the pellet there is inserted into the whole diameter of the barrel...mmmm

I can feel a little project coming on

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