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I think that most of your doubts arises from the fact that most of you ( writing here) has never been on competition outside the UK.
It's obvious that you have a lot of apprehensions.
It is clear too, that is most convenient to ride for the competition no more than 200 miles.
It is true that you have to get a permit for the transport of weapons in some countries - but it is only one application - if you do not believe me ask your colleagues from FT - if it is such a big problem.
Today HFT is shooting in almost every European country. This is not only your sport any more
And HFT will continue to grow.
Subject – to allow other countries to host Worlds will appear more and more frequently.
In any other sport there is no situation that only one has monopoly to the organization of the Worlds.
Why do not you want to open up to other countries, cultures and to meet new people who share the same passion.
Doubt about regulations in other countries are groundless because in most countries the national regulations are the exact translation of the UKAHFT Rules and Format.
You write that the only indicator of the level of event is attendance.
If you consider that on 360 shooters on the Worlds about 2/3 of them does not exceed 100 points – so attendance really shows the sport level of event?
You are right that now there is only few shooters outside UK on the Worlds and also you are right that we have a crisis. And do you think that in countries outside the UK it is not. Probably for us (people from eastern europe) the cost of travel to the UK on Worlds is many times more “painful” than for you if you want to come to us.
You really do not wonder why on Worlds was not the Hungarians, Latvians, Russians?
In the field of promotion HFT. It's hard to promote something as there is no spectators
(special track for them), television and sponsors stands et cetera...
Without this there is no real promotion.
I believe that the Worlds and Euros should be rotated in different countries and the rotation should start as soon as possible.
I'm not saying that it has to be immediately Poland , but Worlds in other European countries are needed for the development of HFT in these regions and for the development of HFT in general.
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