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"Barrel length measurement is specified in Section 57 (6) (b)
I understand there is some form of agreement that a permanently fixed shroud/stripper/etc can be included in the barrel length. AA are currently checking this with their Trade Association."

No, s.57(6)a ; b ,refers to loaded weapons. Specifically, and this is very important, the law states "....the charge is exploded on firing". Put simply, until the law is amended there is no possible way of measuring an air weapon's barrel under this legislation.

Don't forget, on the subject of loaded weapons, S.57(6)b, we have long been advised in print by manufacturers, et al,that placing a loaded magazine in the same gun bag as an empty rifle is an offence. It's not, but the HO would like you to adopt a sensible attitude and with enough persuasion we accept it as law; same way the police and HO continually state that the carrying of knives per sae in public is a criminal offence.

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