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Originally Posted by dhb View Post
We just got the ok to use a woodlot for our informal FT group (we've been shooting on a grass runway). I'm looking for simple yet effective solutions for permanent and removable target bases. If anyone has suggestions and photos, they would be greatly appreciated.

The simple way to do this is take a pallet, cut it into 8-9 inch pieces, then simply nail them horizontal to your trees at the desired angle. Then use a clamp, (or screw them on if you have the means and time to take them down again) to attach your targets. This method gives you the 'rat up a tree' effect, but ALL knockdown targets work sideways and look great, even the squirrel and big crow targets. For uprights use a stump with plank nailed direct on top, or use the very professional metal brackets that we and many others use. REMEMBER TO SPRAY A YELLOW MARK ON THE TREE OR YOU WILL NEVER FIND THEM!!
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