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Originally Posted by teratopside View Post
This is my personal opinion only, I agree that a European Championship on rotation is a great idea, given the distances it is achievable to do while maintaining a good presence from most EU nations, travel across some nations can be problematic due to differing laws but I have it on advisement that there is no right to impede the movement of shooters traveling within the EU with air rifles.

Getting 27 nations to paly together would be an excelent start!
I would be in full support a European competition on a rotational basis.

As some of us from Scotland have competed in Poland over the last couple of years we have been treated to some of the best HFT courses I have ever had the pleasure to shoot, their standards of organisation has been exceptional, and we have been made to feel very welcome having gone out of their way to make us feel part of their HFT community.

We have just returned from shooting the Polish international championship having flown with Easyjet, there is a standard form to fill in at check in as long as you have notified them prior to flying you do have to check in as early as possible but otherwise minimal problems.

For our sport to grow I believe we have to open it up to as many countries as possible and build relationships with our HFT counter parts.

Yours in sport

If any one wants info on how we travelled please feel free to PM me.
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