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Originally Posted by teratopside View Post
but I have it on advisement that there is no right to impede the movement of shooters traveling within the EU with air rifles.
Not sure who from, but at best it's like saying the words on a passport say the same, and although they do, you don't have defacto right of entry.

Obviously we know that if Scotland goes off, then they're going to have some suggestions to control entry with air rifles (even if they manage to get let into the EU, which is far from a given, even if independence is gained)

Many countries require licenses at varying power levels. Some require EFP (which GB shooters can't get) for rifles over 6ft-lb, but in some countries the event can be large enough compared to the bureaucracy to enable temporary licenses for visitors. Some countries don't require anything. But no, you can't just wander around the globe with the idea you can travel freely and without penalty with an airgun.

Here's some info... might be out of date. Afaik France just upped their limit to 20J before a license is required.
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