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Originally Posted by holly View Post
You will sometimes find that a rifle will group well at 50 yards and not so well at 30 yards . it is all to do with harmonics . IE barrel vibration as the pellet goes up the barrel . this plus any attachments , like silencers . barrel supports . all can make a difference . and sometimes you can have a good pellet fpr a year and then with the same batch , they will not group . really what i am saying is suck it and see . but it is all part of the fun of air rifle shooting . either that or it will drive you stark staring mad and you take up spring gun shooting like rob ??? HOLLY
Im defo verging on the mad element lol

Thanks again.

Was getting this at 45yrds. It started low as i had the incorrect aim point (istrelok) so once i re entered the correct BC of the pellet, it dropped me another half dot down...once realized it started to get better.
Wouldnt say its perfect, but ive seen worse
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