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Hi Pawal

Not sure why you think posting on here will benefit your request as I gave you our answer at the beginning of the year and explained my reasons why and my concerns.
I also suggested that you host a European championship to see how well it would be attended.

Regarding alternating both competitions I donít think that this will increase numbers to ether competition, in FT they have the Euros every year at the Midland gamefair and I may be wrong but their Worlds every 2 years.
Perhaps we do the opposite we have our Worlds every year at Kelmarsh and move the Euros to a different country every year/2years? Please let me know if you want me to look into other countries hosting the Euros and ill see what I can do.

This year we had 349 entries to the Worlds although you lads came over with good support 17 Polish and 11 Czech shooters, this a small amount compared to the overall entries and not being funny we cannot and would not change dates to suit 28 shooters.

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