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"any firearm which either has a barrel less than 30 centimetres in length or is less than 60 centimetres in length overall, other than an air weapon "

"An air weapon is defined, under section 1(3)(b) and 57(4) of the Firearms Act 1968 as:

"an air rifle, air gun or air pistol which does not fall within section 5 (1) (a) and which is not of a type declared by rules made by the Secretary of State under section 53 of the Firearms Act to be specially dangerous". "

It's a circle, air weapons are exempt unless they fall within the 30/60 rule, which states air weapons are exempt....

As I read it, 'tis a bad idea to have an FAC air rifle within the 30/60 rule but below 12ft/lbs, no problem.

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