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Talking time the most precious

Lastly, what does "powered by Panerai" mean? And yes, I know that Panerai is a fairly expensive and purely mechanical watch brand... which amazes me because, let's just put it like I think it, women usually don't care about watch mechanics.

sorry to say this woman does since i was a child, and after a Pulomery embolism , very bad car accident and other things i will not mention I would rather watch time fleet by on a panerai than on anything else, I cannot drink or smoke and its a pleasure i enjoy, is to watch the mechanics of my panerai, infact i enjoy all mechanics after i built a steam engine with my dad that would pull about 8 adults, cars and watches i have been into since i was in my teens but only have the one, but look and read about loads and buy and sell the odd one
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