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Originally Posted by swiftysue View Post
Gilly thank you for your kind reply , I do think the new stock has made a differance, but the Euro's was it's second outing, so if the euros count as two scores, thats only two out of my rolling twenty, as its first outing was castle the week before. I am just a bit confused by it all, its like' I am dammed if I do and dammed if I dont'. As some people are telling me to shoot the grade I am allocated to be in and others are telling me to shoot in B as that is a true reflection of my grade? but to me if I have shot the gp's and handed all my cards in which I have, isnt my grade that I am in the correct one, I was gutted to not get into B.
First of all, it IS your call. So I'd say, stick to what you are comfortable with.

Second, does it really matter?
What I mean is this: when you come back from a long hiatus, your main opponent is you. I know this because I am returning from a 10 year hiatus myself -- and when I quit, I was fairly good. Good enough to win many contests, good enough to be a national champion, good enough to clear courses that I hadn't laid out myself. and, on a particularly good day, good enough to force a former three-times World Champion into a shootout.

I can belittle myself all I want, and I will, because today I shoot like crap, but I was better then than I am now. So today, I am my main opponent. On the course, I know that yes, I would have got that target 12 years ago.

But guess what? It's still fun! isn't it?

Lastly, what does "powered by Panerai" mean? And yes, I know that Panerai is a fairly expensive and purely mechanical watch brand... which amazes me because, let's just put it like I think it, women usually don't care about watch mechanics.
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