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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
Hi Sue, great to shoot with you at th Euros on Sunday , we had a great time didn't we. X.

At the end of the day the choice is yours babe. Your percentages say you are in C, and I for one will not pass judgement if you shoot in that grade. Personally I think you will shoot better in B as it will make you try just that bit better to get a good placement in this grade, which I think is acheivable as you are a good shot, amd this will be a good benchmark for you. We all have one or two shoots we are are not happy with, but if you give yourself a little bit of a target to aim for ( no pun intended) then a good placement in B would be it. You could give it a go in B and see how you get on during the WL, if it doesn't work out and your percentage doesn't improve then go back to C.

As you know, I have shot piston class during the GPs and my percentages say I'm in A at 80.7%, if I went back to shooting PCP I would always opt to put myself in AA just to make me try that bit harder to get a better average and hopefully one day get into AA on my own merit.

All the best. Neil.
We had a blast Neil, I really enjoyed shooting with you , and my nerves did settle after a while. It was amazing we shot the same scores on both days, you are a joy to shoot with
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