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I am a bit confused , after coming back to FT after a 16 year break I have found it takes a while to get settled with gun etc and you dont automatically go straight back into A grade.I now have my left handed stock and learning my kit etc. After starting back after a couple of shoots I went into B then after the regrading missed it by .3 % and went into c then shot the whole of the gp series, euros and just finished 1% off B. I am totally confused I have people telling me to move to B, as that is where i deserve to be (excuse the punn) and others telling me that to stay in the grade of C which is where the grading system has elected me to be in and because i have done all the big shoots its a true reflection of my grade and will make a mockery of the grading system if we all decided to move up etc.I finished 6 in my first MFTA B grade winter league last year and 5th in the gp series in c this year , confused I am . Either way I love my shooting and I will get there in the end, and i have loved it all and your kind help , but views would be appreciated please

Hi Sue,

IMO you should shoot in your grade and continue to enjoy your shooting.

The main contest in the MFTA is being in the top 15 and representing the region at the inters. This contest is not graded so anyone who is good enough can qualify irrespective of their grade.

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