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Anyway, I should now have everything to sort myself out well. I've got two (double) BKL mounts... which everyone advised me to get because that is what the AJP riser rail is tailored for. So, tonight I will mount the BSA with these, after I have determined its optical centre. Then, probably tomorrow, I will use the Ray Appelles head bop method to determine the correct setting of the diopter (the eyebell focusing thingy). Then, I will check the POI at 35 yards out, to see if I need to shim the scope to keep 35 yards in its optical centre.

Then I will have to find out if I can keep using the Exacts, or if I should switch to the Express.

And then follows the arduous process of completely remapping the side wheel numbers and the turret numbers for the chosen pellet...

And also I will have to relearn to shoot.

After that, and only after all that, I can proceed to the next point on my checklist: world domination.

Seriously: from that point onwards, I should be certain in my mind that every target I miss is me own bl00dy fault. There will be a lot of these, and for an old git like me, the fun is in learning from these as I go along.

I should've known this about myself - and in fact I did, I just never applied that knowledge to shooting. I *love* to go ahead and chart territory, I *love* learning new underlying theory and applying it and gain understanding. I *love* the feeling that I get when I understand what I am doing wrong and why, and fixing it. I had a horrible time last Sunday when I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, but I've had more than enough fun discovering WHY that was to compensate for that.

That's why I need to refuse to stick to what I know.

Whereas I thought I would like to shoot the FrankenRifle in FT more than the EV2, I'm not so sure now. No, I'm quite sure I should NOT stick to what I know.
The EV2, for me, is uncharted territory, which holds a promise of new mistakes to be made, and new things to learn. To add to that, since I got sidetracked from shooting 10 years ago, a lot of new knowledge has been made available... so a learning curve not unlike the one I went through between 1999 and 2001, and enjoyed tremendously, is waiting for me now.

And I can still go into a similar learning curve with the FrankenRifle, if I make that my HFT rig! Since HFT is 100% uncharted territory for me, that would double the fun.
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