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Originally Posted by peterh View Post
Depending on the rifle/scope setup, you could have 1/8 MOA clicks and still be within one turn. On my Frankenrifle, I had the scope (a Big Beesa, which is essentially the same as a Big Nikko Mk1) just above the barrel, and I had everything from 8 to 50 metres (that's about 9 to 55 yards) in one turn - but just (58 out of 60 clicks). In the unlikely case I came across a target at 8 yards, I'd just holdover.
After a little bit of experimenting when I first got my Mk2 Nikko I found that 10 yds and 8 were over a turn more than I liked. My solution was to stop at 15yd dial mark (big and red on turret) then use the other lines on the NATO ret for the other closer distance. For example when the mag is set to 25x 15 to 10 yards are equally spaced down the ret. For those even closer I take it down to 15x for 10 to 7 yds.

Also found that 20 to 35yds is 2 clicks on my 1/4" turret due to the riser. Does make life a little easier for standers for me anyway.
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