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Depending on the rifle/scope setup, you could have 1/8 MOA clicks and still be within one turn. On my Frankenrifle, I had the scope (a Big Beesa, which is essentially the same as a Big Nikko Mk1) just above the barrel, and I had everything from 8 to 50 metres (that's about 9 to 55 yards) in one turn - but just (58 out of 60 clicks). In the unlikely case I came across a target at 8 yards, I'd just holdover.

I'm afraid, however, that I can't do that now that I have the BSA on a riser rail atop the EV2. My solution will be to consciously return the turret to 35 meter directly after each shot.

I have been known to go the wrong way - last time was two days ago, when my scope setup was so out of whack that I was lucky to hit anything. In the end I found out that, if I consistently dialed 5 meters more than what I ranged the targets at, and compensated for "wind" about a kill zone's width (there was no wind!), I could at least hit anything from 40 yards out to 55. And at the first time I came across a 55 yard target (and dialed up to a nonexistent 60), I went over the top on the next shot. Took me two shots to figure that out.

So yes, you would need to have a shot routine that prevents that from happening.
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