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Sunday's shoot was nothing short of dramatic... I set a PW (Personal Worst) of 19/50.

Which was to be expected. The scope was on so crooked that I had to take almost all turns on the windage to get it to zero. I thought I had a zero on 156 yards, but apparently not - I think I missed most everything between 15 and 35 yards.

Stupid detail: when I got the scope off the leaking AA100, I noticed that, while the front mount had its clamping bolts on the right, the rear mount had its bolts on the left. Not thinking any further, I corrected that when I mounted it on the EV2. I *could* have thought, hey, maybe, when you mounted the scope on the rifle 12 years ago, you had a reason for doing that...

Anyway. It kept creeping to the right, to the point where I was compensating for a wind from the left that wasn't there (the wind that made your second day at Weston Park interesting, only got to us in the evening).
Funny thing is that, once I found that out, I found myself hitting the targets furthest out (from 40 yards onwards). So yes... I can do it, and the rifle can do it.

I scored an AJP riser rail, which now carries the Falcon T50, and this combination is a lot closer to the optical center than the BSA when I took it off. Let's see where this gets me. The Falcon has a wonderful elevation turret. Unfortunately, it seems to be noticeably darker at full mag than the Big Beesa, and from, say, fourty yards out, it doesn´t seem to rangefind as positively - it lacks that last bit of ultimate sharpness that the BSA has. Also, the Falcon has a ruddy big sidewheel which, in terms of usability, cannot hold a candle to the very nice Jon Harris wheel on the BSA. Which he stopped making, which I would dearly regret if it weren't for the fact that my wife and I already have one.

So... I'll probably take my loss on the T50 and sell it. The BSA will go back onto the EV2 (with different mounts this time!), and the One Hundred will be a project rifle again. If I can't get it to shoot accurately out to 55, I might start using it as an HFT rig - up to 45 yards I have never had any problems with it.
The Filthy Pig: Air Arms 100 (1990) + AA Olympic trigger + Welham reg + Custom Shop CS1000 stock. Status: leaking.
The Unknown Quantity: AA EV2 Mk4. + BSA Platinum 10-50x60 + Jon Harris wheel. Status: sorted up to 25 yds.
The Limping Dog: Air Arms Shamal (1989) + unknown origin sporter stock + Optisan Cobra 3-9x42. Status: slowly leaking; needs work.
The Ox: HW97k + Venom Lazaglide. Status: working just fine; needs scope.
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