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The 10-60 and the 8-80 models are totally different mechanically.

The X 80's start at 2550 up to 3037 depending on ret and whether IR or not.
The FT ret is same price as MTR variants so work on that. The lesser cheaper rets cant be upgraded to MTR.

Certainly two years ago UK was cheaper than the German distributor so a D80V56T works out at 3042 Euros whereas the silver IR MTR/FT would be 3624 Euros approx. 100 dearer than the black. Still must be cheaper than all the European distributors as he sells regular.

MTR too cluttered and unusable, far easier when used one to judge size of kill old school and aim off rather than use ret. Therefore the dot like Leup Comp or Diplex they call it good for the job. You will fit at least 7 1/2 dots in a full size kill at 50 yards so imagine what your going to do when giving wind.

Gary as in March UK he has always gone above and beyond the call of duty in terms of service plus he is an ex world F class champ.

Also theres no perfect scope the 10-60 has many advantages over the X series, whereas the 80 is the ultimate rangefinder bar none.
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