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Anyway... there is now a scope on top of it, which made it butt-ugly. Grey stock, blank aluminium-colored action with blue bits... topped off wit a black scope and black mounts.

It would've been better if I had one with black anodised erogenous zones, but as a lefty, you take what you can get. It would've been worse if it would've had red bits.

Since I took the scope straight off a leaking Frankenrifle, and have not yet have an opportunity to verify it at anything else than 15 yards, I doubt if I'm going to hit anything that is not at 15 yards today.
Since we had absolutely crappy weather yesterday, and the rain and wind only subsided in the evening, I only zero'd it for 15 yards - it got too dark to do anything more.
Which, after I had found my zero, was rather boring, since on shooting 5 pellets, it would only create one hole in the paper, and send the other pellets through that hole with frightening precision. It effectively shoots 4.52mm groups. If there were a 15 yard discipline, this rifle, in its current setup, would win it.
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