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Default Test Rig for Springers

Any help over there?

Many years ago I aquired a rail test rig known as a Russian Rig, in the UK Robert Nibbs markets a System GEMINI TEST RIG and in the USA they have the Angie's Rifle Rest.

We used the rest to mainly batch ammo for the National SB Rifle team and it worked excellently. We manufactured 50 and exported most.

We did some research with these rests on air rifles as we In SA were far behind in the air rifle game. The results were very satisfactory in that the rest served to give us the information we needed.

We also adapted some spring rifles to the rest and the results seemed equal to shooting free recoil from a bench, the rest was more consistent.

Unfortunately we did not keep the test documentation on the different air rifles but accuracy was no different from the accuracy produced by the air rifle evolution.

Without doing this exercise again I am fishing wider to find out if somebody on this forum has some experience, notes and reports would help? Springers versus PCP

I did clamp a springer in a vice but as Dr Mann USA reported years previously ...."an exercise in futility"

Thank you!
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