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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
how the hell do you range in the standing position?

Sitting or kneeling is usual so always range the 2nd target first, remember the distance (I always forget) and then range the first target. That way when you stand up the rifle is ready to go on target 1 and you know what to do for number 2 (assuming you remember the distance) saving you having to spend some of your precious 2 minutes sitting down again.

We're just a relatively short drive west from you so feel free to pop in to the club. There really is nothing better than 'in person' conversation. I'm not sure about 'posh mans HFT' though, most of the FT clubs I know are rough as a badgers a**e.

Thanks for the further advice guys.

Rob- would love to come and have a go, how do I go about that then?
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