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Default Fascinating

Originally Posted by Jon View Post
The idea of the focus is to eliminate the pa error, so why use it just set any where.

In saying that had many scopes that were in focus and eye bell ret focused but still had severe pa error!
Of all the PR Leups ever had and used, focus could be set any where and no pa error!
Of the 7 attempts at getting a useable 80 they all had pa error which really showed up locked in a vice. Different model the 10-60 even on lowest 10 mag totally out of focus, pa eror is absolutely minimal. Deon ship them out set at 0D, to most that means having to wind eye bell ret focus in approx. 1 3/4 revs, also come optically centred.

True altering eye bell focus will affect the range markings. when I set mine up in a hurry I didn't bother just marked the wheel. Later got fed up having no ret on low mag so adjusted eye bell and cant be arsed to redo the ranges 2 1/2 years on. It s coming off any way a T50 is going on next month while I have the March ret changed and put back to standard spec.
Jon, Jon, Jon...... I am still a novice remember, not so many acronyms please

What is a PR Leupold (have to agree the two Leupolds I have seem to suffer very little from PA error)

I assume by an "80" you mean a March 8-80x56 scope? are you then saying the March 10-60x52 does not suffer the same PA errors and that it would be most apparent at lowest mag slightly out of focus?

Have you tried 7 March scopes and not got a good one if so where are these 7 scopes - in the bin I hope I would really like to have a March on my FT rig but this is worrying

By "0D" i assume you mean Diopter?

When you set yours up in a hurry - which scope are you refering to here?

I was messing with the Nikko in the garden last night and its remarkable how much the eyepiece changes things, from all the way in to all the way out its looks equivalent to increasing the magnification by about x10 also the reticle is to my eye in focus over most of the eypiece travel

When i mentioned setting within the in focus window what i mean is if say the sight picture is in focus with the side wheel being rotated over say 2 metres (the extremes being coming down or up to the focus point) I am winding down (clockwise from wheel side) to focus and have found i can set the eyepice to give little PA error at the top or bottom of the in focus range, if you follow the basic setting intructions (point at sky etc.) it can be anywhere in the in focus range - am i making any sense here

have to say the Nikko I have is ranging very accurately on 40x, i like just ranging stuff around the garden and then checking with the laser, its very cool, and sad i suppose

Its all very fascinating
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