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Default question's/answer's

- first thing I have to say is how heavy the rig is - what is normal for an FT setup?
- how the hell do you range in the standing position?
- the scope only focuses down to 10m, do not want to adjust this, so for shots closer than this I assume its standard practice to hold over?
- I have read with practice the FT sitting position can be as stable as prone - for me its no where near yet - is this true?

Anyway i have been practicing today and its definately getting better sitting, the groups are closing up at all ranges

So I think i need to join a club now and try to soak up some of the FT feel, I may even give it a competitive go [/QUOTE]

Hi and welcome
1 yes Ft rig's are quite heavy due to heavy scope, mostly.
2 Sit down or kneel to range then stand to take the shot.
3 If you focus to 10m on 50 mag you can then turn down the mag until the focus is right for 9m probably about 20 mag,then 12mag for 8m or there about's
4 you can get very stable in the sitting position,look at your target through scope then close both eye's for 5 sec's,when you look through the scope again ,see where the target has moved to.
You will probably need to adjust your direction to the target,once you have this right there will be less side to side movment.
Join a club and practise.
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