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Originally Posted by DeanB View Post
Any advice on best way to set the eye piece would be appreciated. I don't seem to see much difference in the clarity of the reticle when turning the adjustment on the eye piece. Guess I'm doing something wrong.
Maybe you need to make sure your eye is relaxed. Use a plain background (definitely not trees, shrubs, etc and not even in focus). Set the eyepiece at a high mag rather than 10x. Keep both eyes open and see if the reticle is in focus, if not turn the adjustment and then check, close your eyes, open and check again. If you wear spectacles you may have to use a single vision rather than varifocals. You should see a difference quite quickly.

Once the reticle is as sharp as it is going to get try turning the mag down - it shouldn't change focus but it is not unusual if it does (scope not perfect but you mainly want it right at the mag you use for ranging).

Then when ranging keep your eyes relaxed and ensure that the reticle is in focus as you adjust the side wheel/front objective.

It is a monumental pain when the target faceplate is painted black, the KZ is battered and the whole thing is down a dark tunnel on a dull overcast day - happens - then just range on something near by and hope you can see the crosshairs when you move on target hahaha.

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