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Default Novice wanting to take first steps to Ninjadom :-)

Be gentle with me this is my first post in the murky world of FT....

Sorry if this rambles a bit but there is so much to learn

So you want to try FT...I thought, well it looked interesting especially as its quite technical which i like - the posh mans HFT me thinks

So as I tend to be the "all the gear, no idea" type I first had to go shopping, well sort of, I have an Airstream MKIII recently bought and nestled in a Gary Cane stock, when I commisioned this I wasnt sure what I wanted it for other than its beautiful and a technical marvel a super posh plinker

I know this is the wrong approach - I should be joining a club and trying stuff out but I just cannot help myself when it comes to retail therapy and i cannot help but buy before I try

Sorted the scope, had a March 2.5-25 on for HFT but got a very nice big Nikko MKIII - now I have nothing to compare aginst yet but to my eye it snaps in and out of focus very well, but it remains to be seen if its good enough, I have ranged stuff all around the garden with it out to 55m then checked with my Leupold rangefinder and its very accurate and consistent to my mind

On the Nikko is a Rowan sidewheel and zoom lever and its sat on Third Eye mounts which are on top of a Barry Taylor adjutable rail - all beautiful items - after reading up on optically centring and angling the scope to be at optimum range of 45m i could not bring myself to shim mounts, it just seems like asking for scope damage to do this

So I got the stock with a mind to it being able to be used for HFT in respect of hamster depth and butt hook (I got a Walther adjustable rubber jobby), but with a view to it possibly becoming an FT stock without much work - wrong move

It seemed way too cumbersome and heavy for HFT and after more research I fancy this FT lark more so the stock needs changes, the hamster legs need extending (I will do that) I have fitted an Armadillo hook, now the stock needs shortening (the LOP is about 20 to 40mm too long) and the action needs moving back in the inletting about 10 to 15mm as my finger position is all wrong - so i can feel a visit back to Gary C coming on

Now I have spent my spare time over the last few weeks following the BFTA technical guides and the whole process is facinating, I will come back to setting up as i learn more and create more questions - so to shooting

Now having read loads and watched lots of video on positions and shot techniques i tried my first shots, this has raised some questions:

- first thing I have to say is how heavy the rig is - what is normal for an FT setup?
- how the hell do you range in the standing position?
- the scope only focuses down to 10m, do not want to adjust this, so for shots closer than this I assume its standard practice to hold over?
- I have read with practice the FT sitting position can be as stable as prone - for me its no where near yet - is this true?

Anyway i have been practicing today and its definately getting better sitting, the groups are closing up at all ranges

So I think i need to join a club now and try to soak up some of the FT feel, I may even give it a competitive go
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