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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Thanks to the Anston crew for a great day and a congratulations to Chris and all of the other trophy winners.

The NEFTA Hunter really is becoming an institution for all of the shooters that come along and join in every year. It is also great to see a few young shooters and some elderly (like me) mixed in as well, and long may this continue.

Also,I would like to state on record that I am not sore or bitter about losing to Chris by 1.7% by the way(one shot), but can we ban pallet shots !!!
I have now officially changed my name to "Dean 2nd place Corfield" by deed poll.

My Mrs asked when I got home, "what did you win then?" I said "the same as last bl@@dy year with one number different, the year!!!" It didn't help that she replied, " well that's pretty good seeing as you don't practice much".

Seriously it was a privilege to shoot the brilliant courses this year with such a great bunch of friends.
I prefer Dean 'bridesmaid' corfield

But honestly mate, up until that pallet at Ponty i thought you'd done it. Obviously i want to win but if it wasn't me i would feel quite happy taking the second place next year to such a good shooter and genuinely nice bloke.

Looking forward to the 2014 scrap.

Also nice to see that Thomas Grace beats Calps in the second session as well.
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