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Excellent finish for the Nefta hunter, big thanks to Anston crew and thanks to Graham C for the company on the day, it was good to finally shoot with you. Congrats to all the winners:

Chris Cundey (open), amazing shooting 59/60 , cheers mate for all the support and tips and letting me use your super pistol (that sounds wrong
Trev Ryan (standers & kneelers), top shot! anyone who does standing and kneeling deserves respect
David Mortlock (junior 14-16) well done young un
Thomas Grace (junior 9-13) top lad! Im still waiting for some shooting tips from you
Paul Lawrence (recoiling) I was lucky enough to shoot with you mate and you put my puff gun to shame
Gavin Hopps (.22") Respect for not following the trend of .177, good shooting mate
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