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Default Thou shalt have backups.

I firmly believe in having backups, so I make these on a weekly basis.

Recently, I was rewarded for this obsessive-compulsive behaviour, as the system disk of our server died. Ordered a new system disk, and today, as I was running a restore of said backup, I thought, let's practice some standing shooting.

Filled up the FrankenRifle, only to see it dump all its air through the valve of the filler adapter. Time for some TLC, but I have forgotten how to work on the rifle, and next week will be terribly busy.

And I have no backup!


Next weekend, I can be found in a car in the Tunnel, or somewhere between Folkestone and Braintree, to pick up a lefthanded EV2 Mk4 (I was planning to do this anyway - I already paid the gun shop for it a couple days ago, so it's merely a matter of getting the gun to the Netherlands).
I Shall Have A Backup.

The match on Sunday will be 'interesting'. I'll be either slamming the Big Beesa from the NJR on the EV2 Saturday evening, or I'll be nailing a Falcon T50 on it on Sunday morning, The T50 has previously lived on an AA S510 (I hope it's a 12 ft/lbs S510, not a FAC...).

Additionally, I will probably take the fill adapter off the Shamal to get that on the FrankenRifle... so, somehow, I *will* be making a feeble attempt at shooting the match on Sunday. Luckily, for more than one reason, nothing hinges on the result.
The Filthy Pig: Air Arms 100 (1990) + AA Olympic trigger + Welham reg + Custom Shop CS1000 stock. Status: leaking.
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The Limping Dog: Air Arms Shamal (1989) + unknown origin sporter stock + Optisan Cobra 3-9x42. Status: slowly leaking; needs work.
The Ox: HW97k + Venom Lazaglide. Status: working just fine; needs scope.
with apologies to NJR100

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