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Default NEFTA Hunter Round 6 -Anston FTC (Results)

NEFTA Hunter Round 6 - Anston

Full scores are available on the NEFTA Website

This was the final round of the series for this year, full league tables available on the NEFTA Website link above
Well done to Emley Moor for taking the team title for the 3rd time in succession

Photos of the winners

Open class
1Chris CundeyEMLEY59
2Dean CorfieldPONTEFRACT58
3Dwaine GraceEMLEY57
4Pete DuttonREDFEARNS56
5Garent JenkinsonEMLEY55
6Mick McTigheVISITOR55
7Richard Shepherd YORK FTC55
8Daniel MadeleyREDFEARNS54
9Steven WatsonVISITOR54
10Dan GilmartinANSTON53
11Dave SmithANSTON53
12Dave TomlinsonPONTEFRACT53
13Glynn WaitonANSTON53
14Dave WilliamsonREDFEARNS53
15Casey HandbyVISITOR53
16Mark AndrewsREDFEARNS52
17Roy IronmongerREDFEARNS52
18Steven PearsonTHORN DELL52
19Graham CooperANSTON51
20Wayne Garbutt YORK FTC51
21Phil GreenANSTON51
22Brian Shepherd THORN DELL51
23Wayne MitchelREDFEARNS50
24Mark HurstANSTON50
25Zak CooperANSTON49
26Martin GraceEMLEY49
27Rick ArdenVISITOR49
28David LawrensonANSTON48
29Paul WinningREDFEARNS48
30Micky FinnVISITOR48
31Mandy GraceEMLEY46
32Barry PembertonANSTON46
33Mathew WaistellANSTON46
34Paul MortlockANSTON44
35Ken GouldANSTON41
36Len MensforthTHORN DELL41

Standing / Kneeling class
1Martin OwensREDFEARNS54
2Steve HebblethwaiteREDFEARNS53
3Lee StevensPONTEFRACT52
4Paul YatesEMLEY52
5Warren EdwardsANSTON51
6Trevor RyanEMLEY50
7Russell Stead PONTEFRACT50
8John WillinghamHULL50
9Simon BurgonPONTEFRACT49
10Andy CalpinANSTON49
11Simon CollinsonHULL48
12Russ SpencerANSTON48
13Steve AldousHULL47
14John HarperTHORN DELL47
15Graham FleemanANSTON47
16Steve BowersPONTEFRACT46
17David ConnollyPONTEFRACT46
18Dave JowettEMLEY46
19Dave GibsonEMLEY45
20Tina SkeltonHULL44
21Guy SkeltonHULL43
22Mick ChapmanREDFEARNS42
23Darren PersivalPONTEFRACT42
24Paul MonniezPONTEFRACT41
25Andy MonniezPONTEFRACT40
26Glen WalshPONTEFRACT40
27Sylvia ThurloeHULL37
28Karl PetersANSTON34

Recoiling class
1John GreavesANSTON53
2Ivan MarsdenANSTON53
3Paul LawrenceANSTON51
4Robert ListPONTEFRACT49
5Simon HigginsANSTON46
6Peter ShearerANSTON46
7Chick McGowanPONTEFRACT45
9K SpencerHULL41
10Tony MartinPONTEFRACT40

Junior 14-16 class
1David MortlockANSTON42

Junior 9-13 class
1Thomas GraceEMLEY51

.22 class
1Gavin HoppsYORK FTC38

Pistol ex 10
1Ivan MarsdenANSTON8
2K SpencerHULL8
3Dave GibsonEMLEY7
4Roy IronmongerREDFEARNS7
5Garent JenkinsonEMLEY7
6Steve AldousHULL6
7Andy CalpinANSTON6
8Graham CooperANSTON6
9John HarperTHORN DELL6
10Simon HigginsANSTON5
11Paul LawrenceANSTON5
12Dave TomlinsonPONTEFRACT5
13Chris CundeyEMLEY4
14Dave JowettEMLEY4
15Len MensforthTHORN DELL4
16Brian Shepherd THORN DELL4
17Trevor RyanEMLEY3
18Mark HurstANSTON3
19Mandy GraceEMLEY2
20Dave WilliamsonREDFEARNS0

Silhouettes ex 20
1Steve AldousHULL15
2Martin OwensREDFEARNS15
3Andy CalpinANSTON13
4Mick ChapmanREDFEARNS11
5Chris CundeyEMLEY11
6Trevor RyanEMLEY11
7Peter ShearerANSTON11
8Dave GibsonEMLEY10
9Dwaine GraceEMLEY10
10Mandy GraceEMLEY10
11Simon HigginsANSTON10
12Dave JowettEMLEY10
13Daniel MadeleyREDFEARNS10
14Ivan MarsdenANSTON10
15Richard Shepherd YORK FTC10
16Dave TomlinsonPONTEFRACT10
17Glynn WaitonANSTON10
18Andy MonniezPONTEFRACT9
19Tina SkeltonHULL9
21Paul YatesEMLEY9
22Mark HurstANSTON9
23Garent JenkinsonEMLEY8
24Paul MonniezPONTEFRACT8
25Russ SpencerANSTON8
26Graham FleemanANSTON8
27David LawrensonANSTON7
28Len MensforthTHORN DELL7
29John HarperTHORN DELL6
30Guy SkeltonHULL6
31Martin GraceEMLEY5
32Paul WinningREDFEARNS5
33Dave WilliamsonREDFEARNS4
34Thomas GraceEMLEY3

77 Shooters in attendance

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