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Originally Posted by DaveyNZ View Post
That's the plan. No suprises.
Just reiterate.......

No surprises.

Yes SA 2009 I did attend. Even if I couldn't attend in person due to work, I tried to support and encourage those who did want to go, my rifle went to Norway and my Scope went to Germany. So was there in to speak

The team planning the worlds comprises attendees at 2009, 2012, 2013. Travel around halfway around the world was required for all those attendees. Most of us have been knocking down FT targets since the early 1990's too.......but until the rotation of hosts was introduced it was seen as a waste of time getting involved at WORLD LEVEL. Now its going to visit more countries over the years, not just be held in the European theatre where travel is cheaper, expect attendances to grow from OTHER countries.

We've all been to UK between us, but doubt many have been to NZ. Pity at the time I visited UK myself I was on an FT hiatus due to raising kids etc etc. Wish I could have spent some time investigating......Next time (soon) I will make a point of it.


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