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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I am sorry Peter, but I shoot with plenty of very disabled people, these shooters just get on with it and enjoy the sport, they do not try to get the rules changed to let them shoot the way they want too, they do the best they can to fit in and we make every accommodation that is possible.

There is no sitting in HFT (apart from Sarc) and these are the rules.

I do not understand how someone can be so disabled they can not shoot prone, however, they are perfectly OK to shoot from a seated position.

Getting up from a seated position, is just as hard as getting up from a prone position. As I have said, I shoot with lots of disabled shooters and all of them are great guys.
I'm not after you for sticking to the rules. The very same guy I was on about, Dave Monck, was adamant about sticking to the rules, and he remained adamant about the rules when they worked to his disadvantage. He worked around them like Strokebloke is trying to by trying to find out what he can and cannot do, yet stood up to anyone trying to break them, in a manner that I cannot even begin to duplicate. Seriously... I really made an effort to flame you, and you're still standing. Dave Monck would have merely spoken to you harshly, and you'd have been on your knees.

The difference between Dave and Strokebloke is that Dave knew the rules. By heart. He didn't have to look them up. Strokebloke doesn't, and you cannot blame him for that. So he's searching for our help. I would say let's try to help him rather than tell him what we think he should be physically capable of.
The difference between Dave and I (and you) is that Dave knew what it was like to be seriously disabled. He spent seven weeks in a Dutch hospital surviving an aneurysm that would've killed him in the UK. He lived seven years after that being seriously disabled, but wouldn't give up shooting, or living, for that matter. And he wouldn't t have the rules changed to accommodate him.

What sets me off is when people don't understand the difficulties that disabled people face, and how they are trying to cope with what they cannot do without breaking the rules. What I know is that they are not waiting for you and me telling them what they should be able to do.

Strokebloke is not looking at having the rules bent for him. So, let's not patronise him and tell him he should be able to get up from a prone position once, let alone nuimerous times, because we know someone wh is disabled and can. Let's just assume for a second that Strokebloke knows what he can, and cannot, do, better than we know. For you and me, getting up from a seated position is just as hard as getting up from a prone position, I'll agree with you on that. But I'd find it kind of arrogant to say that this would be true for every one of us.

I am not after you at all, Scutter. But what I am after is us healthy and fit people determining what others should be able to do, and yes, each time I come across that attitude, it really, really, really ****** me off.
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