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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I am sorry Peter, but I shoot with plenty of very disabled people, these shooters just get on with it and enjoy the sport, they do not try to get the rules changed to let them shoot the way they want too, they do the best they can to fit in and we make every accommodation that is possible.

There is no sitting in HFT (apart from Sarc) and these are the rules.

I do not understand how someone can be so disabled they can not shoot prone, however, they are perfectly OK to shoot from a seated position.

Getting up from a seated position, is just as hard as getting up from a prone position. As I have said, I shoot with lots of disabled shooters and all of them are great guys.
I disagree - I can shoot round a FT course 3 times on a practice day and feel no ill effect either on the day or the following day. If I do a 30 shot HFT course then I suffer within one hour of finishing and quite a lot the day after. If I shoot HFT on a Saturday and we have a FT comp on the Sunday then I do the hft kneeling / standing. If I did not then I would not be able to shoot the FT.

For me personally - getting up and down from a prone position puts a lot more strain on my body than sitting.

I am 46 and have no disability apart from a trapped sciatic nerve that likes to put me in bed for a couple of days every few years.

I should point out that I agree that people should not sit at hft shoots - if you want to sit then find a local comp that allows it and visit that.

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