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Jack, the problem is, this question about sitting comes up all the time, my problem is, I shoot with disabled people who suffer a huge amount of pain to shoot HFT and they have always abided by the rules.

So, my attitude has probably been, if they can do it, so should everyone else.

The main problem is, how do you govern the rules. If you come to me and say you can't go prone and I allow you to sit, then that is fine. The thing is, the following week, a shooter comes to me and asks for the same dispensation and I have to take his word for it.

I am not a Doctor and I can not judge who should be allowed to sit and who should not, the next thing we know, is half the field is asking to sit and our sport of HFT has been changed.

Just look at the debacle in the FT world last year, some shooters stated they could not take shots standing and were allowed to sit instead, these shooters were then caught on film leaping to their feet like jack rabbits.

There has to be a set of rules and these have to be adhered to.

It's a terrible thing to say, but if it hurts to kick a football, then take up rugby. SARC allows sitting and there is also a form of FT called SFT which is very similar to HFT, that also allows shooters to sit.

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